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Online ERP systems

Although this is new to what I can bring to clients and organisations, I have started to develop customized online applications such as Stock and Asset management
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Every aspect of my work is done with full transparence, compliance to international standards.
Accountability is a key component of my work


Any given project will be provided with assessment report, illustrative examples, action plan, indicators & deliverables. I can provide you with powerful and dynamic dashboards to ease data reading. You can try the following example, powered by Power BI (Microsoft)

Best use of resources

Optimizing activities with the use of existing public resources (such as Google maps, Google Sheets, cloud and collaborative services), or resources made available to me

HR Management

If you are looking at an HR management online solution, you can use free and open source applications such as Sentrifugo. (login with proposed credentials)

Website design

Increasing your visibility in order to add more credit to your organisation and activities. See a current live website I have designed with the use of wysiwyg software (Mobirise) to promote the Logistics Working Group in Madagascar during Covid-19.
GSL Website (in French)

Concrete experiences

Here is a list of past work experiences


What do you need?


Excel based assessment tools

Supply Chain Assessment Tool - SCAT (that can be used as a Self-Assessment Tool too). Such a tool can be customized to match your organisation's requirements and is an "easy to use". It is a simple "drop-down" tool that also provides you with graphical "progress" bars so you see where your department stands at a glance.


Stock and Asset Management online platform (under development)

This is a new arrow to my bow but I can develop customized ERP platforms in order to help small and medium organisations to centralize data to improve their "realt-time" access to their stockpiles and quality or reporting. Such platform increases visibility and help decision makers to efficently manage their resources.
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GIS - Information sharing

Existing platforms such as Google maps, can increase your information sharing ability with selected users all over the world. The map further below provides you with various layers of geographic and logistical data for Madagascar (live project in my current assignment). This map provides light and easy to use GIS functionality, incuding information management that can be shared with anyone (google maps can provide various levels of privacy)


Project Management

Anyone who has a projet to run, collaborators to work with would benefit for easy-to-use and open source project management software.
Here is one that I currently use that drastically reduces the tracking of tasks, achievements and allows documents to be uploaded and linked to accomplished activities (login with following credentials for testing: username=toto@toto.com, pwd=12345678)

How to use the map below?
Simply click on the left icon (left side of the map title) to open the layers selection menu. Pick the layer to display and the map will automatically show the relevant data.
Alternatively, you can click on the [ ] on the right side to open the map in a new window.